Carefree EV driving – it is possible, and Smoov would like to help you with it. Smoov will always find you an available charge point, pays using your preferred payment method and supplies you with a clear overview of your charging details at the end of each charging session. Smoov matches EV drivers with charge points in a smart and convenient way, to make driving an EV as simple and affordable as possible. We provide an all-in-one service to make driving your EV even more carefree.

Smoov was launched on the Dutch market in May 2016, and will soon be supporting a Europe-wide charge points network. Smoov provides information on all charge points in Smoov, and allows you to use your phone to pay charge point operators who have made their charge points accessible to Smoov users.

Smoov is developed and managed by Allego, as a part of its mission to provide all EV drivers with access to charge points everywhere and at any time. Simple, affordable and smart. With charging solutions offering services that are part of the future of mobility.

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