Why Smoov?

Because Smoov makes life easier. You no longer need a multitude of charging cards and apps; Smoov combines as many of the existing services as possible for you. What’s more, Smoov offers new services, such as paying with your phone, smart charging and social charging. And very soon, you will be able to reserve your favourite charging locations, and receive special offers and combi deals.

Is Smoov free?

Yes, Smoov can be downloaded and used free of charge. Of course, when charging your EV the regular charging costs will apply.

Where can I use Smoov to charge my EV?

Smoov provides you with real-time reliable information about all charge points in the app. Special services such as starting and stopping your charging session with your phone, and paying by phone, are only available at charge points that have been made accessible to Smoov. These Smoov compatible charge points are clearly indicated in the app.

How do I pay with Smoov?

With Smoov, you can pay using your preferred payment method. It’s easy: you plug the connector into the charge point and click ‘charge’ in the app. To pay, you can save your charge card in the app. It’s easy and you will never lose your charge card again. However, for your convenience it is also possible to pay by credit card or to pay for your charging sessions by direct debit from your bank account (in the Netherlands).

What does charging with Smoov cost?

The regular charging costs apply, like you are used to. Those costs consist of a starting fee and a time tariff or energy tariff. For payments using your charge card, the tariffs set out in the contract with your Mobility Service Provider apply. If you select another payment method, transaction fees may apply.

How does the payment process work?

You select your payment method before charging. When you pay with your charge card, your charging session will be settled at the end of the month by your charge card provider, as usual. If you choose to pay by credit card, it will be charged with the costs directly after your charging session.

What do I need to be able to use Smoov?

Smoov is suitable for all Electric Vehicles and is available at the moment for smartphones running on Android (4.0 onwards) and iOS (7.0 onwards).

Can I share my account with others?

Yes, an account is not limited to a single device. You can share your account for instance with your partner, or with your colleagues – convenient if you use a carpool and share a charge card.

Can others use my charge card?

Yes, they can. The same charge card can be saved to, and used by, multiple accounts, even simultaneously.

Help, there is something wrong with the charge point!

If you experience any problems with the charge point, you will need to contact the charge point operator for help. A service number will be listed on the charge point (often on the sticker).

Help, the app states that charging has started, but nothing is happening!

In all likelihood, the charging session has been authorised but hasn’t started yet. Check whether the connector has been correctly inserted at both ends. If you find your car is correctly plugged into the charge point, there may be a problem with the charge point or charge point operator. If this is the case, end the session and try again.

Help, I’m unable to stop the charging session!

There may be a problem with the network connection between your phone and the charge point. If you selected a charge card payment for your payment method in the app, you can also stop the session by swiping your charge card past the RFID reader on the charge point.

How can I reach Smoov?

For general questions, please contact us via info@smoovapp.eu  or using the contact form below. For urgent questions and malfunctions, please call the service number in the country where you are:

UK: 0800 0294601
NL: 0800 3745337
BE: 0800 78192
GER: 030 2332 10000

What can I expect from Smoov in the short term?

Smoov is always on the move, and will bring you new concepts that make charging even easier, more reliable and cheaper, as soon as possible. In response to popular demand, we are working hard on enabling reservations of charge points, and on special combi deals for your favourite charging locations. Moreover, the Smoov network is rapidly expanding with charge points in Germany and Belgium.